Concord Falls, Grenada

It's actually a series of falls, not just a single one.

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Concord Falls

Many people visit Concord Falls for a short time as part of a day tour around the island. It's much better to drive here yourself or take a tour where Concord Falls is a half-day destination.

Once here you have the option to swim only in the pool at the main entrance or--much better-scaramble over the rocks to see more of the area.

To drive here, go to the Concord Valley and Concord River from the west coast. This is the drive-in approach, the one most visitors take. However, the majority of people see only the first waterfall, look and leave; only a few take the extra 20 minutes to walk to the upper falls.

Concord Falls
Concord Falls Grenada

At the lower or first falls you can buy drinks as well as paddle around in the basin at the foot of the 35-foot high falls. Headed toward the upper falls, you'll pass through a nutmeg plantation.

The nutmeg trees here, always green, grow to 60 feet tall. Their fruit looks like a small yellow apple, and is popular for making jams and preserves. When ripe, the fruit splits open and falls to the ground, revealing a brown shell covering the brown nut inside with a red wax netting over it.

The red wax netting is the source of the spice mace. The brown nut is processed into the spice nutmeg. If you want to see how the whole process is carried out, visit the Grenada Nutmeg Cooperative Association in Gouyave. (See Spice Country Nutmeg Tour)

At the upper falls, also called Fountainbleau Falls, the water streams down about 65 feet into another fresh water pool that's also good for swimming.

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