Things to Do in Grenada

 Popular activities include hiking and diving

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Things to Do in Grenada

Grenada offers numerous activities beyond its fine beaches, shopping and dining. Many are full or half-day trips around the island.

Annandale Falls A single set of falls with a striking setting and interpretive center.

Bianca C Wreck Dive One of the largest shipwrecks in the Caribbean. It is not a planned shipreef for divers. The cruise ships sank after catching fire in St. George's Harbour and while under tow away from the island.

Carib's Leap Where the indigenous people chose death over slavery.

Carriacou Day Trip Grenada's next door neighbor is a step back in time. Most often as a day trip.

Concord Falls One of Grenada's most popular tourist sites. See why.

Fisherman's Birthday An annual celebration of St. Peter's Birthday in the fishing town of Gouyave at the end of June.

Grand Etang National Park Located in a true rainforest, the park has an excellent nature trails and several long and short hikes.

Grand Etang Shoreline Trail A hike around the famous crater lake.

Lake Antoine View this volcanic crater lake from an easy high point.

La Sagesse The Nature Center here consists of a small inn and restaurant and lots of wide open spaces with birds and beautiful beaches.

Levera National Park Bathway Beach is the main attraction. Usually few people weekdays, crowded on weekends.

Morne LaBaye Hike An easy nature trail that also leads to longer hiking trails.

Mount Qua Qua Hike A first-hand account of hiking Grand Etang's most popular long trail.

Nutmeg Tour The nutmeg once was the basis of Grenada's economy and the foundation for the Caribbean's best rum drinks. See how the spice is processed.

River Sallee Boiling Springs Usually included in an island tour, the springs at this landmark are less than 100F.

Seven Sisters Falls Located not far from the main entrance to Grand Etang National Park, this series of seven waterfalls is worth the short walk.

St. George's Walking Tour This short walk takes you to some of the city's main landmarks.