St. George's
Walking Tour Part 2

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Part 2
St. George's Walking Tour

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6) Traffic Police Control Station: Watch the policeman control traffic as he stands safely above the motorized vehicles in a special box. Considering the steep inclines, this is the only way drivers from all directions can see the traffic signals.

7) Fort George : Built by the French in 1705 to overlook the harbor mouth, it is now the city's main police station. The imposing fort supposedly still contains a system of underground tunnels once linked to other fortifications. This is where Maurice Bishop and his colleagues were killed in 1983, prompting U.S. intervention.

8) St. Andrew's Presbyterian Kirk: Better known as Scot's Kirk and located on Church Street , it was built in 1831 with assistance from the Freemasons.

9) St. George's Anglican Church: This beautiful stone and pink stucco building was completed in 1825. It contains many plaques commemorating British victims of Fedon's Rebellion, a slave uprising of 1795.

10) Sedan Porches: These porches are open at both ends so wealthy planters in sedan chairs could travel under the row of roofs and avoid the rain.

11) House of Parliament: Both the senate and house of representatives of Grenada meet here.

12) Roman Catholic Cathedral: The tower from 1818 is the oldest part; the rest of the cathedral is much later, built in 1884 on the site of an 1804 church.

13) Marketplace: Site of the colorful fruit and vegetable display on Saturdays, where women sell small bags of spice (cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg) to tourists as useful and fragrant reminders of Grenada. The spices sold are pretty much the same; it is the colorful packaging (cloth sack, straw box or reed box) that should determine who you buy from. Take time to shop and compare; the spice ladies won't go anywhere, I assure you. The market square also is the rallying place for political speeches, parades and religious activities.

14) Esplanade: The commercial waterfront area of St. George's , including the fish market, most active at the end of the day when the catch is brought in, or almost anytime on Saturday.

15) Sendall Tunnel: Named after the governor when this technological wonder was completed in 1895. Still used today, the 340-foot-long tunnel is a shortcut through the hill to link the Carenage with the Esplanade. This also is the fastest way to reach St. George's from the cruise ships. Hug the tunnel wall walking against traffic, as the locals do. It's a bit of an adventure the first time.

16) St. George's Methodist Church: Built in 1820, it is the oldest original church building in St. George's .

17) Marryshow House: This fine creole building was the home of T.A. Marryshow, the Grenadian leader who attempted to turn the entire West Indies into one nation. Today, it is the local center for the University of the West Indies, headquartered in Barbados.

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