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in Jamaica
Jamaica is one of the best islands for hiking and overnight camping

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Jamaica Hiking
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Remote mountain hikes, scenic nature walks and long beach hikes are all part of Jamaica's natural scenery. Adventure travelers and outdoor enthusiasts will find Jamaica to be one of their favorites.

You'll find several dozen hikes arranged according to these different sections of Jamaica.

Blue Mountain & John Crow Mountains National Park The most complete description of Jamaica hiking on the web

Blue Mountain Peak Hike
One of the Caribbean's great hikes

Camping in Jamaica
This island welcomes campers

Cockpit Country
A remote stronghold of the Maroons

Hiking Guides
They are especially important in out-of-the-way places

Lodging for Hikers
Put a hard roof over your head, not a tent

Montego Bay River Valley Hikes
Few tourists ever make these walks

Negril Beach Walk
Jamaica's most famous beach

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