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St. Kitts Photos Pictures Scenic Railway Sugar Train 4  Copyright M. Timothy O'Keefe


On to the Atlantic Coast. From the open air train station at Needsmust the train cuts directly across the island and to the rough Atlantic coast. Along the way you get a good whiff of one of the local piggeries, which can really clear out your sinuses.

There are a few important rules to keep in mind on the Sugar Train.

1) Passengers always wave first. Everyone on St. Kitts waves when the Sugar Train passes, and it's become a fast-draw routine to see who's the fastest--the passengers or the locals.

2) Hold on to your hat! Sounds obvious but someone always seems to lean out for a picture and is shocked to discover there's a breeze that removes their chapeau. On my trip, one gentleman lost his hat near the first highway crossing and it was delivered to him by car about an hour later at a later crossing. That had to be a special service not normally done.

Speakers on both levels of the passenger cars continually pipe in music with the commentary. The music is electic, mostly calypso and country and western.

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Photographs & Text Copyright © by M Timothy O'Keefe All rights reserved.