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J'ouvert Morning

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Trinidad Carnival Photos13 -  Jouvert Morning copyright M. Timothy O'Keefe  - Guide To Caribbean Vacations


There is no rest at Carnival. On Carnival Monday, the day immediately following the band and costume competition, is the endurance contest known as "J'ouvert" (pronounced "jouvay"). It is a jump-up or dawn dance that parades through the streets of Port-of-Spain from about 4 a.m. until 10 a.m.

One of the customs is for everyone to smear themselves with body paint--or to paint others. This fellow is about to drench me--and my camera--with a very colorful liquid. But I have to give him credit.

He gave me enough time to take the picture and then turn around and protect it. My camera vest still contains traces of the paint.

You need to wear old clothes and old shoes to J'ouvert. Everyone is welcome.  But expect to get messy.

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Photographs & Text Copyright © by M Timothy O'Keefe. All rights reserved. 

Photographs & Text Copyright © by M Timothy O'Keefe All rights reserved.