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It's a longer trail than the description implies.

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La Coca Trail
Hikes of El Yunque

La Coca Trail Length: 1.8 miles. Time: 2 hours round-trip. Difficulty: 3. Slippery, steep at times.

Trailhead: The La Cocoa trailhead Located on the left at km.8.6 on Rt. 191, just past La Coca Falls. If you reach the Yokahu observation tower, you've gone past it.

This gravel trail has a small parking area, so it's not heavily used. It's also steep and sometimes rocky. Remember, on the return it will be uphill most of the way.

You'll cross 2 streams, not on a boardwalk but on rocks.

Take the time to enjoy La Coca Trail, one of the quietest sections of the El Yunque rain forest.

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