El Yunque
Rain Forest Hikes
A major attraction of Puerto Rico and a popular cruise ship excursion

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El Yunque Hikes and Walks
Caribbean National Forest

The El Yunque rain forest is easy to explore. Most trails are surfaced with asphalt or concrete.

In fact, you may be disappointed at how hard-surfaced the El Yunque walks are. The only exceptions are the few graveled pathways at high altitude where relatively few visitors go. (Why the trails are surfaced)

Unless otherwise indicated, all El Yunque trails begin on Route 191, which winds through much of the forest.

Distances in Puerto Rico are measured in both miles and kilometers: 1km equals 0.6 of a mile.


La Coca Trail
One of the quieter sections of rain forest

Big Tree Trail
The forest's most popular walk

La Mina Trail
Steep trail to a waterfall

Caimitillo Trail
Short walk to a picnic area

Bano de Oro Trail
A short loop trail

El Yunque Peak & Los Picachos Trails
A good, interesting walk

Mt. Britton & Mt. Britton Spur Trail
Good views on a clear day

El Toro (Tradewinds) & El Toro Peak Trails
Toughest walk in El Yunque

Angelito Trail
Short walk to a natural pool

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