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Mt. Britton Trail
Hikes of El Yunque

Mt. Britton Trail Length: 0.8 miles. Time: 60-90 minutes roundtrip. You can also connect with the Mt. Britton Spur and El Yunque trails to loop back to the Palo Colorado visitor center, about 4-4.5 miles total including an uphill walk back to your vehicle. Difficulty: 2-3. Often wet and slippery. Trailhead: Drive uphill on Rt. 191 almost to km. 13 where the road is blocked. Turn right onto Rt. 9938; drive for one-quarter mile to the trailhead on your left.

The Mt. Britton Trail  is not only a pretty walk but on a clear day it offers a terrific view of the coast from the Mt. Britton observation tower. It's a continuous uphill trek through the palm forest and you'll cross several streams before reaching forest road 10, which is closed to traffic.

  Continue on the road for about 500 feet and the trail will veer right and take you into the dwarf forest and to the Mt. Britton observation tower. Resembling a castle turret, this stone tower looks like it could house Robin Hood or the Sheriff of Nottingham. Actually, this is one of the Conservation Corps projects from the 1930s. Hope for a clear day because it offers a fine overview.

Mt. Britton Spur Trail

Length: 0.85 miles Time : 15 to 30 minutes for just the spur; considerably more time depending on how you access it. Difficulty: 2. Trailhead: From either the Mt. Britton or El Yunque trails.

If you're on the Mt. Britton Trail, retrace your steps from the observation tower to Forest Road 10. The Spur trail will be on your right. This short trail has some of the best dwarf forest anywhere in El Yunque. Bromeliads will drape from the tree like hanging beards.

If you're on the El Yunque Trail, you'll reach the Mt. Britton Spur Trail turnoff shortly before El Yunque peak. You can return by the Mt. Britton trail, which will put you above the Palo Colorado visitor center, allowing a complete downhill return to the parking lot there.

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