St. Kitts Beaches

They come in all colors, from bright white to coal black.

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St. Kitts Beaches

Banana Bay
and Cockleshell Bay on the Southeast Peninsula are considered two of the island's finest white sand beaches.

They have more than 2 miles of beachfront and limited facilities.

Others might argue that nearby Sand Bank Bay is the best. It also has limited facilities.

On the south end of the Peninsula facing Nevis is Turtle Bay, which has all the facilities that the other nearby beaches lack. You can rent everything from snorkeling gear to windsurfing equipment.

The Turtle Beach Bar and Grill there offers full facilities. It's also possible you might see green (vervet) monkeys in the area.

For a black sand beach, head to the other island of the island, to a place called Black Rocks.

Located at the village of Belle Vue on the Atlantic coast, this is the single lava flow that Mt. Liamuiga issued in all its history. The result is a cluster of oddly shaped boulders created by the continually pounding waves.

Black Rocks is better for looking at as a geological oddity than for swimming.

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