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St. Kitts Things To Do

St. Kitts is easy to explore on your own by walking or with a rental car since the island has a coastal perimeter road. Or you might want to take an organized tour or hire a cab for a particular destination.

These sites are your best options:

Basseterre Walking Tour
St. Kitts' capital city, loaded with interesting architecture, is an easy walk from the cruise ship pier or any other starting point.

Black Rocks

Ancient lava formation courtesy of Mt. Liamuiga eruption

Bloody Point
A river canyon filled with Carib petroglyphs that's among the most interesting sites in the Eastern Caribbean

Brimstone Hill Fortress
Explore one of the Caribbean's mightiest fortresses--British for a change, not Spanish--
and the Caribbean's only man-made UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Diving & Snorkeling
Not average Eastern Caribbean diving. Feel the breath underwater of Mt. Liamuiga via a seafloor vent, explore ship wrecks and reefs.

Monkey Hill Hike
A chance to see vervet (green) money in the wild.

Mount Liamuiga Hike
Climb to the crater on the tallest mountain in the entire Eastern Caribbean.

Sea Turtle (Leatherbacks) Ecotour
Leatherbacks are the largest of all sea turtles and on St. Kitts you can see them nesting from April 15-June 15.

Southern Peninsula Hike
Like long, mostly flat hikes? This is the spot for you, along the coast of St Kitts' Southern

Zip-Line Tour
Fly through the St. Kitts rain forest and over the Wingfield River

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