Black Rocks Lava Beach
St. Kitts

A small but interesting geologic site.

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Black Rocks Lava Formation

The seashore formation known as Black Rocks is one of the few dramatic reminders of the St. Kitts' volcanic past due to Mt. Liamuiga. This is a site you should see while making an island tour, not worth a special trip.

What to expect

Time: 15-20 minutes. Difficulty: 1 on top of the cliff; 2-3 to descend and ascend the shoreline. Trailhead: Near the village of Saddlers on the northeast Atlantic coast.

In all of its millions of years, Mt. Liamuiga (Mt. Misery) has produced only one lava flow, and Black Rocks is it. The continual pounding of the waves against the black lava cliffs has created this cluster of oddly shaped boulders.

Nothing dramatic but an oddity worth viewing on an island tour.

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