St. Lucia Green Travel
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Many islands claim to have green travel; St. Lucia actually does

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St. Lucia Green Travel & Ecotourism

Whale Watching

Whale watching tours leave year-round from the marina at Vigie Cove near Castries.  Female sperm whales, along with pilot and humpback whales, are found in local waters year-round.

Male sperm whales
appear in large numbers during the mating season from October to January. Other species include orcas, pilots, pygmy sperm whales and beaked whales. Commonly sighted dolphin species include spotted, spinner, and bottlenose. Whale watching craft employ a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system to pinpoint the location where whales were last sighted. Sonar equipment is also used to track them. Reservations can be arranged through Sunlink Tours at 452-8929 or Barefoot Holidays 450-0507. Boats depart morning and afternoon. Email info@rodneybay.com.

Sea Turtle Watching

Depending on demand, a leatherback sea turtle nesting program operates nightly between March and the end of July. Called the Debarras Turtlewatch, the all-night stints include transportation to the beach, dinner and breakfast. Also the use of a tent and sleeping mat.

You need to bring your own flashlight, warm clothing (the nighttime ocean breezes can be chilly) and toilet paper. People take turns patrolling the beach and whenever a nesting turtle is located, everyone is invited for a look. Advance reservations are recommended. Contact Heritage Tours at www.heritagetoursstlucia.com or call 451-6620.

Ocean & River Kayaking

The tour leaves from Marigot Bay, giving offshore kayakers an excellent view of the spectacular rain forest and steep mountains. Then clients paddle into the canopied Roseau River, a  river estuary that is a  feeding ground for many of the area’s birds. . http://www.oasismarigot.com/st_lucia.html

Rain Forest Jeep Safari

Open-topped jeeps venture through the western forests above Fond St. Jacques. Then clients embark on a one-hour downhill hike with a St. Lucian Forestry Guide who keeps a lookout for the rare St. Lucian parrot while pointing out vanilla vines, heliconias and other plants. After clients swim in the natural pool beneath a waterfall, they return to their vehicle, hiking uphill by a different trail to take a jeep ride to the coast and a buffet lunch.  http://www.oasismarigot.com/st_lucia.html

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