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From diving to rain forest hikes, sailing and much more.

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St. Lucia
Top Things To Do

Complete information about all the top things to do and see on St. Lucia. There are more things to do on St. Lucia than you can possibly manage in just a one-week visit. Plan ahead!

Attractions and Sightseeing

Best things to see and do listed region by region, all around St. Lucia.

Birding & Bird Watching
The Millet Bird Sanctuary is the top spot.

Boating and Fishing
Charter a powerboat to tour the coasts quickly and conveniently.

Castries Area Attractions
What to around the island's main city.

Cultural Tourism
Learn about the real St. Lucia through its cultural tourism program.

Diamond Falls & Mineral Baths
One of St. Lucia's most popular attractions with Mineral Baths built by Louis XVI in 1784.

Drive-in Volcano
You drive to the parking lot, then walk near the sulphur fields.

Eastern Nature Trail
A seaside walk that in season also offers good bird watching.

St. Lucia is rich in myriad ecotourism activities such as nesting sea turtle and whale watches.

Fregate Islands Nature Reserve
An offshore preserve with many rare species.

Friday Night Fetes
Open air celebrations where everyone is invited.

Golf Courses
St. Lucia offers several good courses.

Green Travel Vacations
Variety of outdoor activities including whale watching.

Jungle Biking
One of the few--if not only--Caribbean island offering this kind of biking with historic ruins and tropical jungle as part of the tour.

Marriage License Requirements
St. Lucia is the Caribbean's top honeymoon island. You can get married here, too.

Maria Islands Nature Reserve
Home to the world's rarest snake.

Pitons Hike
A tough hike with possible risks.

Rainforest Hikes
True lush rainforest at altitude, not some scrubby lowlands.

Rainforest Reserve
Complete info on St. Lucia's protected rainforest reserve. When you visit, be prepared for the rain forest to live up to its name.

Sailing Charters
Enjoy 2 and 3-day crewed charters around St. Lucia.

Shore Diving
Among the best in the Caribbean, in the Soufriere area well away from Castries.

Weddings and Honeymoons
Find all the options on St. Lucia, the most consistently top-rated island for Caribbean honeymoons.

Best place is on the Atlantic Coast.

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