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St. Lucia Piton from Soufriere Town copyright M. Timothy O'Keefe -

St. Lucia is one of the Caribbean's most beautiful and geologically diverse islands

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St. Lucia is sophisticated but not snobby. Classy but not pretentious. Beautifully landscaped with rain forests, mountains and gorgeous beaches. (See Things To Do)

St. Lucia has even been honored overall with a Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. Bestowed exclusively to travel and tourism products, this award is given to those deemed to be of pinnacle quality.

St. Lucia's two towering Pitons, which rise almost a half-mile high above the southeast coast, are world famous landmarks. They are distinctive enough to be ranked a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Less well known and equally dramatic are the 19,000 acres of mountains and valleys that make up the rich St. Lucia National Rain Forest Reserve where wild orchids, giant ferns and birds of flourish.

Not to be overlooked is the famous St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, one of the Caribbean's most famous and respected music festivals.

Although Part of the British Commonwealth, St. Lucia has a strong French and Creole history, which explains why most of the cities and fishing villages have a French flair. Pronouncing St. Lucia place names isn't a challenge with this guide.

St. Lucia Essentials

Ten Things To Know About St. Lucia
They will make for a smoother trip

Things To Do
Varied activities on land and water

Detailed Background: Facts & Map
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St. Lucia Arrival Briefing
What you need to know if you go.

Annual Calendar of Events
What's happening when & where

Getting Married in St. Lucia
This is one of the top honeymoon destinations

Where To Stay
Choose your location carefully

St. Lucia Road Map
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St. Lucia Best Weather Months
Weather impacts all activities

St. Lucia Water Temperature By Month
Water temps are stable year-round

Major Attractions

Barre d'Isle/Mt. La Combe
Beware the beautiful witch with the cow foot

Castries Walking Tour
The Saturday market is a top sight

Cultural Tourism
An award-winning program

Des Cartiers Rain Forest Trail
The island's most visited trail

Diamond Falls & Mineral Baths
Will take 10 years off your life...supposedly

The Drive-In Volcano
The only one in the world...maybe

Eastern Nature Trail
An easy shoreline walk

Ecotourism Activities
Turtles, whales and more

Edmund Forest Reserve/Mt. Gimie
The island's longest hike

Enbas Saut Waterfall Trail
Take a dip along the way

Fregate Islands Nature Reserve
Frigate birds nest on the Fregate Islands

Golf Courses
Far more than most islands & still expanding

Maria Islands Nature Reserve
Some of the world's rarest flora & fauna

Pigeon Island National Park
Beaches & walking trails

Piton Flore Mountain Hike
Follow a 200-year old road

The Pitons Afoot!
Is it better simply to look than to climb?

Rain Forest Reserve
Loaded with hikes & animals

Rain Forest Hiking Trails
The complete list

Shore Diving
Some of the Caribbean's finest

St. Lucia Jazz Festival
One of the world's best

Sulphur Springs
Another name for the landmark drive-in volcano

Union Nature Trail
Where you are certain to see animals. (They're caged.)