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How To Pronounce St. Lucia City
and Place Names

St. Lucia's city and place names are not easy for many visitors to pronounce. Blame it on the island's history. Before independence, St. Lucia was an English colony but its city and place names reflected the long period of French ownership.

The French city and place names often are a challenge, but with this pronunciation guide should help. Print a copy and carry it with you.

Anse de Sables   ants deh SAb

Anse-la-Raye   Ants lay ray

Babonneau   BAH boh noh

Barre de l'Isle     bahr deh LiL

Cas en bas   KAHS eh bah

Canaries   kah nah REES

Choiseul   shwah ZEHL

Coubaril   koo bah RiL

Dennery   dehn REE

Des Cartiers   dehs kahr tee YAY

Fond D'or   foh DOOR

Fond Galet   FOHN gah LAY

Gros Islet   grow zee-LAY

Hewanorra   hyew ah NOR ah

Jalousie   zha loo ZEE

Jounen Kweyol   zhoo nay KWAY ohl

Laborie   LAH bree

Marigot MAH ree goh

Mahaut   mah HO

Mamiku   mah mee KOO

Micoud   mee KOO

Moule A Chique   mool ah SHEEK

Mount Gimie   mount JIM mee

Praslin     PRAH leh

Reduit Beach ray-DWEE Beach

Savannes   SAH vahn

Soufrière   soo frAY

St. Lucia St. LOO-sha , not St. LOO-see-a

Vigie   vee GEE

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