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Climate and Seasons

Unlike some Caribbean islands, St. Lucia is far south enough to escape any cold fronts from North America. The climatic pattern is normally set by the north-easterly trade winds that blow throughout the year. (See Current Weather)

Average monthly temperatures
range from 75 to 81 F. A more important factor in determining temperature is the altitude of a resort or an activity, such as hiking.

Temperatures in the hills are markedly lower than on the coast. Rainfall also is considerably greater at altitude.

The warmest months are June through August, when temperatures can reach the mid-90s. In January, they may drop into the mid-60sF. (See St. Lucia Average Monthly Temperatures)

Rainy Season

Average rainfall ranges from 60 inches in the coastal region to 160 inches in the interior rain forests.

January through April are the driest months
. with April the driest of the year. 

June through October is the wettest period, with August the rainiest month.

Rains sometimes
are brief, saving most of the day for beach time or other activities.  Those most likely to be bothered by clouds and rain are scuba divers, especially anyone intent on taking underwater photographs. For many others, including hikers, the rain can be a welcome relief. It all depends on what you want to do.

The average hours of sunshine does not change significantly according to the season. It averages about 8 hours a day.

That average can be influenced significantly by whether you are on the coast, which tends to have more sun, or in the mountains, where it is typically cloudier and rainier

Average Water Temperatures

Water temperature averages about 72 F year-round, which requires a full wet suit or shortie when diving to remain comfortable.

Hurricane Season

Hurricanes typically track north of St. Lucia but the island is considered inside the hurricane belt. Traditionally, the most active months for hurricanes and tropical storms are August through October.

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