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New Year's Celebrations On January 1 and January 2, both public holidays, the community of Cul-de-sac celebrates with food, drink and side attractions. Assou Skwe, a giant fair, is held at the Millenium Park in Cul-de-Sac. It promotes various cultural activities including drumming, masqueraders and storytelling.


The National Cooking Competition--Is usually held this month.

Cricket—The game popular on so many islands begins its season on St. Lucia. 


Independence Day--February 22 and the highlight of the month; it marks the day St. Lucia achieved independence from Great Britain in 1979.



Traditional Lent Period--In this predominantly Roman Catholic country, religious activities are the focal point of March.

Marine Based Activities—Because St. Lucia's waters are becoming calmer, more time is spent on the water fishing and diving.



Holy Week/Good Friday/Easter Sunday--Once again the strong religious faith of the islanders is displayed particularly through the solemn church services of Good Friday and the meal of that day, “accra” or fish cake and “pain d'espices,” a thin oval biscuit.

Kite Flying — An unusual national tradition for the Caribbean, but in St. Lucia many colorful styles of kites will take to the skies this month. There is also a Kite Competition held at Pigeon Point on the Easter Weekend with prizes given in different categories.

Festival of Comedy—This roundup of Caribbean storytellers is held the last Sunday of April or in early May.



Jazz Festival - -The Tourist Board started this as a four-day experiment in 1992. Now an internationally acclaimed week-long event, performances are held throughout the island both day and night to accommodate the ever-growing international audience, although most of the open-air concerts are held in the evening. In addition to jazz performed by international stars, local bands play salsa, soca and zouk, steel drum and reggae. For complete information, log on www.stluciajazz.org .



Fisherman's Feast/Fet Peche—After the brightly decorated boat sheds and fishing boats are blessed, the fishermen anoint themselves and others with food and drink into the wee hours of the next day.


St. Lucia Squash Open matches world-renown players with amateurs for what's both a casual and very competitive event.

Calypso--The practice sessions heat up in preparation for the competitions at next month's Carnival.

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