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Annual Calendar of Events

July thru December


Carnival--It is without a doubt the most colorful and high energy event of the year. Calypso music, parties (fetes) beauty contests and children's parades lead up to the main highlights, which include an elaborate costume parade, best band contest and crowning of the Calypso King and Queen. Visitors are encouraged to take part in the two-week event by joining one of the carnival bands in costume. Information is available at www.luciancarnival.com.

Kids' Safari Summer—Summer camp for local and visiting children between the ages of 5 and 18. Youngsters learn about the local environment, folk traditions and history. Activities include hiking, canoeing, crafts, bird watching and photography.



Emancipation Day—Observed on the first of August to celebrate when the British abolished slavery on their Caribbean islands in1838. A big holiday weekend.

The Market Vendors Feast--Local song, dance and food at the island's various markets, particularly in Castries

The La Rose Festival--Named after St. Rose de Lima, the local flower society honors the colorful flower with great ceremony and spectacle. Costumed participants include a king, queen and loyal subjects. The highlight is an elaborate parade with singing.




Soccer, called football in St. Lucia, now at the height of its season, with a match played almost every day of the month somewhere on the island. Local radio stations announce the latest round of soccer matches.

The St. Lucia Bill Fishing Tournament--Drawing anglers from all over the Caribbean to compete for prizes for biggest fish and largest catch. Undersized fish, weighing less than 250 lbs., are tagged and released. Fish are displayed at the Rodney Bay Marina at the end of each tournament day.




Feast of La Marguerite—Named after St. Marguerite Alacoque, another elaborate flower festival with costumed participants around the island celebrating the saint's feast day with indigenous songs and dances.

International Creole Day—(Jounen Kweyol) The culmination of numerous events held throughout the month by the Folk Research Center as part of a worldwide celebration by all countries that speak the Creole, or kweyol, language. Special activities include preparation of customary foods and exhibitions of traditional items and folklore.



All Saints (Souls) Day--St. Lucians remember their loved ones by keeping a vigil lamp burning in their homes, beautifying cemeteries, and laying fresh flowers or wreaths on graves.

Remembrance Day--Recognizes those who fought in the World Wars with wreaths, ceremonial parades and parties. Poppies and stickers are sold to help aid families of former servicemen.

St. Cecilia's Day--The patron saint of music and musicians is honored with a church service, street music and sporting




Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC)—More than 200 sailboats cross the Atlantic from Gran Canaria around November 25 to meet in St. Lucia , taking part in the world's largest transatlantic rally for cruisers. They begin rendezvousing at Rodney Bay Marina during the first week of December.

Festival of Lights and Renewal—Held on December 13, the celebration honors the patron saint of light, St. Lucy, with a switching on of the Christmas lights and a lantern-making competition. This date was traditionally known as St. Lucia 's National Day when it was thought that Columbus discovered the island. After it was realized he never set foot here, St. Lucians kept the holiday but renamed it Festival of Lights and Renewal.

Christmas Folk Fiesta--Organized by the Folk Research Center, this two-day Fiesta celebrates a Caribbean-style Christmas. Traditional carols, food and drink are all part of the celebration.

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