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Eastern Nature Trail Hike

The 3.5-mile Eastern Nature Trail on the Atlantic east coast starts at Mandele and goes for 3.5 miles. It takes about 2 hours one-way. You should spot several species of birds, three of which are endemic to Saint Lucia, as well as migratory birds, which include the magnificent frigate bird and the red bill tropicbirds. 

Developed in 1999 by the St. Lucia National Trust within the Praslin protected landscape, the winding trail runs parallel to the Atlantic through sparse vegetation and long grass which evolves to dense cactus and forest with shade. The first mile ends at Anse Galet.

Next, the trail dips to a stony beach and then back up a cliff to Trou Zombie, a place the Amerindians reportedly believed was inhabited by evil spirits. From this point only a mile remains.

This is the most dramatic section, with caves and arches cut out by waves. The trail ends at the Fregate Islands Nature Reserve. In the nearby village of Praslin, you may find fishermen using the ancient Amerindian techniques of canoe building.

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