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Cambleton Battery

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Tobago Historical Sites
Cambleton Battery

The Cambleton Battery is not part of the island's fort system. Historically the term 'battery' refers to a group of ordnance systems, in this case cannon.

Cambleton is one of many batteries erected around the island, their main purpose was to help protect shipping in the various bays where sugar was loaded.

Cambleton was erected in 1777 with a battery of two cannons to help protect the island from American privateers who were raiding the British islands during the American War of Independence.

The short path leading to the turnstile entrance of the battery previews the panoramic view, which is stunning on clear days. What this site lacks in size is made up for in what is one of the best views on the island.

Lookouts from this point would signal using mirrors if ships were spotted coming from the north. This gave the militia time to get their cannons and artillery ready for battle. Today, the battery offers beautiful views of Man-O-War Bay, Charlotteville and Pirate's Bay.

It's obvious why the battery is such a popular location. The tiny rocks and islands located just offshore are ideal for diving.

In the clear turquoise water, you can see the reefs and schools of fish.

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