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Tobago Things To Do
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Tours you can book on Trinidad & Tobago

Tobago is not just a place to relax on a beach. This eco-island has quite a few things to see and do.

Attractions and Sightseeing
Tobago has an unusually large collection of interesting acctractions that lend themselves to a number of themed tours or simply choosing the ones that interest you the most.

Fine beaches on both the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts.

Cricket along with soccer are the most popular sports in Tobago. Frequently regional teams visit Tobago for First Class or One-Day matches. The games are normally played at Shaw Park.

Biking is usually a relaxed, leisure activity with quiet, picturesque pathways available for cyclists. For those who prefer competition, races take place along the scenic coastline or off the highways. Learn about the Tobago International Cycling Classic, which attracts cycling enthusiasts from all over the world.

Bird Watching
With 230 species of birds nesting in Tobago’s Rainforest, on Little Tobago and various other birding sites, bird watching is fast becoming a popular activity for every nature lover. See Eco Tourism.

Eco Tourism
Tobago is recognized as one of the Caribbean's foremost eco tourism islands, winning several important awards.

Held year-round including a mini Trini-style carnival in the fall

Charters for both deep sea fishing over reefs (also known as bottom fishing) and trolling for gamefish are available. Find out about the annual Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament.

Despite their considerable number on such a tiny island, Tobago changed hands more than a score of times.

Tobago has two 18-hole championship golf courses: at Mt. Irvine and at Tobago Plantations, Lowlands. Surrounded by acres of rolling greens, the courses have hosted many international golf tournaments.

There are several hiking trails on Tobago such as the Gilpin Trail and paths on the Main Ridge. Little Tobago Island is also criss-crossed with walking trails. Use a certified tour guide.

Historical Architecture
Includes historic buildings, water wheels and sugar mills.

Historical Monuments
From a witch's grave to a mysterious tombstone with a riddle that's never been solved.

Horse Back Riding
The island has six horses for visiting riders. Click here.

Little Tobago Island
Offshore and reached from Speyside, Little Tobago has the area's best hiking and birding.

Kalina Kats, Loafer Cruises and Natural Mystic offer cruise tours around the island, either with a party atmosphere on day cruises or with a mellow mood on sunset and  dinner cruises.

Scuba Diving
Blessed with nutrient rich waters, Tobago marine life is diverse, abundant and colorful. Water temperatures range from highs of 82F/28C in July and August to lows of 75F/24C in January and February. Most divers find that 3mm neoprene is sufficient thermal protection in winter months.

Diving is concentrated around the town of Speyside. Find out about the Annual Tobago Underwater Carnival.

Sea Turtle Watching
Tobago is an important nesting ground for the leatherback turtle, the largest species of marine turtles. Leatherback nesting season is March to August with turtles laying their eggs at Turtle Beach, Back Bay and Grafton Beach. Since leatherbacks are an endangered species, turtle-watching tours must be undertaken with a certified tour guide.

Water Sports
The activities are varied both on and under the water. Check these watersports tours.

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