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Tobago Monuments
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Tobago has one of the Caribbean's most mysterious monuments, a mystery tombstone whose inscription still defies explanation.

Couronian Monument, Plymouth
This monument representing “freedom” is to honor the early settlers to Plymouth who came from Courland (modern day Latvia). The monument was designed and built by one of our national artists. It was unveiled in 1976 during a cultural visit by Courlanders in exile from various parts of the world.

Gun Bridge, Bacolet Street
Originally built to accommodate one vehicle at a time, Gun Bridge was widened in the 1950s by the Works Division. Four cannons were removed from Fort King George and placed at the two ends of the bridge - two north, two south.  Embedded in the stone and concrete sides are the barrels of 19th Century Brown Bees muskets which serve as decorative guard rails.

Mystery Tombstone, Plymouth
This site has baffled many a visitor. Don’t let the unassuming surroundings fool you. What is of great importance is the epithet upon the grave.

Witch’s Grave, Golden Lane
In the village of Golden Lane is the grave of Gang Gang Sara. According to legend, she was an African witch who flew to Tobago centuries ago and was unable to fly back because she had eaten salt.

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