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Fort Bennet

Fort Bennet was reported to have been built by the Dutch between 1628 and 1636. Later on, in the 1680's the Courlanders refortified it in order to protect their then flourishing settlement in the Great Courland Bay area.

Fort Bennet fell into the hands of the British in the 1800's, and was again refortified to protect their claim to Tobago.

Archaeologists suggest that the remnant walls can be found under the undulating surface of the fort, an indication of the constant reconstruction that took place in the wake of the numerous battles fought there.

The signature cannons are positioned safely in a recess near the entrance to the grounds, illustrating how the British battery must have looked originally.

The turbulent history of the fort stands in stark contrast to the modern day serenity of this spot. A small gazebo sits on the end of the short winding path and offers shelter from the elements and a panoramic view of the bay.

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