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Tobago Museums

Tobago Museum

Located in the Barrack Guard House of Fort King George, the museum has an interesting display of early Tobago history, including Amerindian artifacts, and military relics, maps and documents from the colonial period. Open Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Small admission fee) Phone: 639-3970.

Kimme Museum, Mt. Irvine

A little way up the road past Mt Irvine Bay Hotel is the workshop and gallery of the German sculptor Luise Kimme, who has made Tobago a large part of her life’s work. Her pieces include graceful dancers, young girls, lovers and mothers with children. Viewing on Sundays, or by appointment (639-0257).

First Historical Cafe/Bar

This cafe is a must for travelers on the windward road. It is like a tropical chest perched on a cliff’s edge, overlooking the Atlantic ocean. The walls of the cafe are decorated with information on our rich and colorful history. Tel. 660-CAFE (2233).

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