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Tobago Waterfalls

The mountainous terrain of Tobago has given rise to many waterfalls, springs and rivers.

A simple drive through any of the winding roads of the interior will reveal a spring or two off to the side.

To see the true beauty of the waterways, one has to go off the beaten path.

Argyle Waterfall, near Roxborough

A three-tiered waterfall near Roxborough with deep cool pools for swimming.

Gold & Silver Waterfalls, Main Ridge

These trickling falls are not the cascading kind normally frequented for bathing. Their attraction lies in the mineral deposits that have coloured the stony backdrop a gold and silvery hue, to give these falls their name.

Rainbow Waterfall, Goldsborough

A trek of about 1 mile takes you to this waterfall, which produces lovely torrents in the rainy season.

Two River Waterfall, Goldsborough

A little way off the beaten track, but it is worth the hike as you admire the flora and fauna along the way. The cascading flow splashes down into the huge pool at the base, which then narrows at its edge to flow downstream as two separate waterways.

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