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Compare Travel Policies with One Click

Whether you intend to vacation is at a land-based resort or on a cruise through the islands, you need to compare insurance polices issued by a variety of reliable companies. On this page you can do it with just a click to SquareMouth, Quote Wright or Insure My Trip. Policies typically cost 4-7% of the trip cost based on its length and the traveler's age.

The three following sites are the recognized leaders. They all offer the chance to compare the terms, coverage and cost of policies. One isn't cheaper than the other since it's illegal to discount insurance.


The New York Times says Squaremouth offers "the most comprehensive list" of insurance products to choose from. Squaremouth sometimes finds policies the others don't.


This company has received an award from the Better Business Bureau and cited by the Washington Times as "Best of the Web" for travel insurance


he following site represents 14 different insurance companies, many of the same ones used by travel agents:


Each policy is different in terms of what coverage it provides. You can examine and compare policies online or download and print them for comparison.

Hopefully, you'll never have the need to use your travel insurance. But if you do, you'll find it a smart investment. I personally have needed insurance to cover the cost of canceling a trip due to unexpected reasons.

Don't overlook the protection you may already have through your credit card or cruise line.

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