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Traveler's Checklist/Reminder List

Do You Have:

____ U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card or other recommended ID for U.S. citizens? (Carry it; do not pack it) ( Travel Section at U.S. Department of State )

____ Green Card or document for Lawful Permanent Residents? (Advance Parole if LPR status is pending) ( U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services )

____ Notarized travel permission letters for minors traveling without their parents?

____ Entry documentation for the country(s) you will visit? (Is a Visa required?)

____ Only the medications you need for the length of your trip and in their original containers?

____ Receipts or registration paperwork (CBP Form 4457) for any new electronics, such as a camera or laptop you are taking with you? (Only suggested if traveling with recently purchased goods. Not necessary for goods more than 6 months old.)

____ Proof of Rabies vaccinations for your dogs if they are traveling with you? (Not required for cats. Check for requirements regarding other pets.)

____ Appraisals or receipts if I’m traveling with a lot of new jewelry?

____ Valid driver’s License? (Do you need an international driver’s license in the country you are visiting?) ( International Driving Permit Instructions ) or ( AAA )

____ An envelope for purchase receipts? (This will make filling out the CBP declaration easier.)

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