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Wreck of The Stavronikita
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Divers come to Barbados for the wrecks, which come in sizes both great and small. The Stavronikita, a 365-foot World War II vintage Greek freighter, is one of the Caribbean's most dramatic wrecks. It's also ranked by some as the region's largest.

The ship was gutted by fire and sunk deliberately in 1978 just 400 yards from shore with 200 pounds of strategically placed explosives.

The Stavronikita sits upright in 150 feet of water but you don't need to go anywhere near that deep to enjoy a good view. A forward mast is within 25 feet of the surface, while the deck is at 90 feet.

If you like deep dives, you'll be happy to know the huge prop is still intact below the fantail.

The Friars Craig

The Friars Craig is a 100-foot Dutch island freighter that sank in 1984 just a quarter mile offshore in 55 feet of water.

The fish-filled deck rests at 30 feet, making it another relatively shallow dive. Although the cargo holds have caved in and the stern has broken away, parts of the ship are still intact, providing a swim inside the cabin and through the engine room.

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