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Biking in Bermuda

With an average temperature of 70 degrees and a well paved system of roads, biking is extremely popular in Bermuda but it's not a good activity for novice cyclists.

The constant stream of passing cars and buses can be unnerving on the winding and narrow roads which are also quite hilly in some spots.

The Bermuda speed limit of 20 mph (32 kmph) applies to all vehicles, including bicycles, something to keep in mind going down the hills. Imagine getting a speeding ticket—on a bicycle! It does happen.

Other factors to consider before cycling: Faster cyclists will overtake and pass you and drivers coming up behind you don’t honk to make you aware of their presence.  They can’t due to the government ban on unnecessary horn honking.

The traffic does slack off on weekends and, if you’re an early riser, cycling the east coast after sunrise is a wonderful time since traffic should be fairly scarce.

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