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Where to Go Bicycling in Bermuda

With a speed limit of 20 mph, plus the problem of traffic and stoplights en route, it takes almost an entire day to cycle the 21-mile length of Bermuda.

Few attempt such a marathon, preferring to sample various sections on different days.  Ferries are a good way to move speedily to other parts of the island; ferries do not charge for brining a bike aboard. Some buses also are rigged for carrying bikes.

The Bermuda Railway Trail, open only to walkers and cyclists,  extends east to west for the easiest way to travel much of the island without the worry of traffic.  For background information on the Bermuda Railway Trail, click here.

Of the Trail’s 7 sections, the 2 located at Bermuda’s west end in Sandys and Southampton Parishes are the easiest to peddle since those parts are paved.

It also provides the chance to view the Great Sound, Somerset Bridge (world’s smallest drawbridge), Fort Scaur Park and the Village of Somerset.

sections of the Railway Trail are unpaved, making for a tougher trip. Occasional breaks in the Trail also make it necessary to use the main road for short distances.

Bermuda’s toughest cycling challenge is the tough ascent in Southampton Parish to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, one of the oldest cast-iron lighthouses in the world. 

The 360-degree panoramic view from the top of the lighthouse is extraordinary, but it’s an added 185 steps to summit the lighthouse.

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