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Renting a Push Bike

Bermudians refer to bicycles as push bikes (remember those hills) and pedal bikes to differentiate them from motor scooters.

Visitors scheduling a vacation between April and October need to reserve well in advance. You can rent a pedal bike by the half day, by the day or for your entire stay from what are called cycle liveries.

Ask your hotel where closest cycle livery is, assuming they don't have one of their own. Many of them do. Some hotels offer rentals or even provide the bikes for free.

Every type bike is available in Bermuda: Unisex, trek mountain-type bikes that are generally 18-speed, 21­speed and even 24-speed.

Rates start at about $30-$35 for a single day and decrease gradually until day 7 when the rate becomes only $10 a day.

Cycle liveries do not charge an insurance fee, though some hotels may levy a $10 charge for insurance coverage.

Consider joining a pedal cycle tour, a guided tour of 2-3 hours, to get a feel of the island. These are most commonly offered at the western end of the island.

The Bermuda Bicycling Association (BBA) invites visitors to compete in its events. Click here for scheduled events. Most races are held on weekends. All entrants must sign a temporary membership form with a liability waiver. The temporary membership fee is about $5 and valid for a month. The Sinclair Packwood Memorial Race, on May 24th, is the only race that is by invitation only.

All BBA sanctioned events require riders to wear a helmet. So bring yours from home or you may have to buy one here.

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