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Part 2

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Bermuda Fishing Charters
Part 2

All of the following charrter boats are listed as having independent fishing charter captains.

31-foot J.C. Custom
Captain: Joey Dawson
Phone: 441-295-3500 or 237-3705 (cell)
Fax: 441-295-8053

In Excess
36-foot Runaway
Captain: Matthew Tumbridge
Phone: 441-232-8171 or 335-6248 (cell)
E-mail: inexcess@northrock.bm
Web: www.sportfishingbda.com

Jump 'Dem Bones
18-foot Dolphin Bone Fishing Skiff
Captain: James Pearman
Phone: 441-292-2190 or 335-4633 (cell)
Fax: 441-295-2290
E-mail: jhpfish@ibl.bm
Web: www.bermudabonefish.com

Knock Down
40-foot Custom Fit Sportsfisherman
Captain: Steven Rance
Ph/Fax: 441-236-3551 or 535-0792 (cell)
E-mail: knockdown@ibl.bm
Web: www.knockdowncharters.com

22-foot Aqua Sport
Captain: Millard Simons
Ph/Fax: 441-234-2471 or 298-1958 (pager)
Phone: 441-234-0709 (Robinson's Marina)
Fax: 441-234-3255 (Robinson's Marina)

Lobster Reef
42-foot Bruno
Captain: Aldo Pace
Phone: 441-292-0518 or 735-1130 (cell)

Mega Bucks
43-foot Torres
Captain: Sinclair Lambe
Ph/Fax: 441-234-3081 or 235-9850 (cell)
E-mail: jamiec@northrock.bm

 40-foot Custom Carolina Island Boatworks
Captain: Peter Rans
Phone: 441-238-5663 or 335-9850 (cell)
E-mail: overproof@northrock.bm
Web: www.overprooffishing.com

43-foot Torres Sportsfisherman
Captains: Keith Winter & Kevin Winter
Phone: 441-292-7131 or 335-5172 (cell) or 799-8862 (cell)
Fax: 441-292-9598
E-mail: playmate@ibl.bm
Web: www.playmatefishing.com

Reel Addiction
48-foot Custom Carolina
Captain: Cragin Curtis
Phone:  441-238-4821 or 799-9927 (cell) or 799-9928 (boat)
E-mail: info@reeladdictionbermuda.com
Web: www.reeladdictionbermuda.com

Sea Scorpion
 35-foot Custom Willis Beal Sportsfisherman
Captain: Stephen Cabral
 Phone: 441-295-140
E-mail: bermudasportfishing@hotmail.com
Web: www.bermudasportfishing.com

42-foot Double Ender
Captain: Blake West
Phone:  441-293-0813 or 334-9855 (cell)

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