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There are so many wrecks in Bermuda waters that it takes two pages to cover them all. Here is the first part.

Blanche King
Built in 1887, this 192-foot wooden schooner sunk in 1920 after hitting a reef. Wreckage is sparse, including anchor winch, bronze spikes, mast rigging and deadeyes.

In only 30 feet of water, this large 350-foot British mail and passenger steamer sank in 1923. The ship’s anchor attached to the colossal anchor winch, huge boilers, steam engine and steel masts all remain.

Alas, the cargo of this 192-foot, 4-masted-wooden schooner included 700 cases of Scotch whisky. Used as a cargo vessel in World War II, the ship sank in 1943 in just 30 feet of water. Other cargo included cement sacks and thousands of glass ampoules.

Cristobal Colon
Bermuda’s biggest shipwreck, the 499-foot Spanish luxury liner sank in 1936 in only 20 to 55 feet of water. Wreckage includes boilers, steam turbines and propellers.

Sunk in 1881 due to a navigational error, this 286-foot steel-hulled freighter lies in only 20 to 35 feet of water. Still visible are steam boilers, propeller shaft and deck winches.

Sunk as an artificial reef in 1984, this former U.S. Navy buoy tender sits sits upright on a sand bottom at 80 feet. Fully intact, the ship has its mast, wheelhouse, cargo hold and deck winch.

Iristo (Aristo)
A 250-foot Norwegian freighter plowed into a reef in 1937.  Sitting in 50 feet of water, its stern is within 20 feet of the surface.

The Kate
A 200-foot Brigantine rigged, English-built iron steamer, she was en route to Le Havre, France when she struck a reef in 1878. Today she sits in 45 feet of water, with her boilers, engine, propel¬ler shaft and deck winches still visible.
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