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High rainfall and fertile soil has made Caribbean coffees famous for centuries.

Dominican coffee is 100 percent Arabica and the growing tradition dates back to the 1700s.

Varieties include: nuevo mondo, catuai, caturra and bourbon. The best beans,  richer and with a higher acidity, grow at the highest altitude.

The island has more than 60,000 growers who together export nearly 1 million bags of coffee per year, though most is retained for domestic use.

Dominican coffee, sold under the “Santo Domingo” brand name, is grown in six different regions on the island: Azua, Bani, Cibao, Barahona, Juncalito and Ocoa.

Dominican coffee typically is served black in an espresso cup with a large dose of sugar.

Coffee Warehouse Tours

Americo Melo & Co.
Anacaona No. 14, Barahona
Phone: 809/524-2440; Email: americo.melocxa@verizon.net.do
The Melo coffee factory in Anacaona, Barahona is open from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The owner of Melo’s next door cafe offers tours on request.

Ramirez Coffee Warehouse
Monte Plata
Here, visitors walk through the large stock of coffee and watch locals haggle for fair priced beans.

Chez Jose Tobacco and Coffee Farm
The farm offers 2-hour tours each Wednesday, demonstrating the bean picking and processing. www.dominicancoffee.com

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