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Traditional Foods of the
Dominican Republic

These are the most popular traditional foods in the DR.

, a mix of plantains, butter, onions and cheese (sometimes bacon) is a breakfast specialty found at many hotel and resort breakfast buffets.  

Sometimes called the mashed potatoes of the DR, mangu is also sometimes served by Dominicans at evening meals.

La Bandera Dominicana, the Dominican flag meal, is eaten universally at lunch time, most important meal of the day, La Bandera is heavy fare, made of rice, beans, meat, vegetables and fried plantains. It not only provides energy for the rest of the day but encourages an afternoon nap among visitors.

Sancocho is a widely available Spanish-style stew made of various roots, green plantains, avocado and typically chicken or beef. However, it may also include a combination of 7 meats (Sancocho prieto) including goat.

Goat is said to add spice to any dish since the animals often graze on wild oregano. If you can’t identify the meat by this taste, you’ll like pick it out as the toughest cut in the stew. Rice is normally served with

Locrio is the Dominican-style of rice served with Sancocho. Locrio is a variation of the Spanish paella.  Since saffron is often difficult to find. achiote (a colored dye produced from the seeds of the achiote plant) is often added to the locrio.

Pescado con Coco, fish with coconut milk sauce, is popular on the Samana peninsula with all of its coconut trees.

Along the south central coast, bulgur (whole wheat) is the primary ingredient of quipes(ground beef wrapped in wheat) or  tipili (bulgur salad).

Other popular Dominican dishes to look for:

Chicharrones de pollo
, diced chunks of deep fried chicken

Yucca cassava, bread

Monfogo, a plantain-based dish I leave rather than take

Pastelitos, meat or cheese filled pastry turnovers that are always a good travel snack

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