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Popular Dominican Desserts

In a land where sugar is still important, desserts like cakes, puddings, caramel-dipped fruits and creams are quite sweet.

Be sure to stop at a Helados Bon is the popular local chain of ice cream shops carrying tropical sherbets, macadamia, coconut and rum flavored ice creams.

Common menu desserts to look for:

Aqua de coco, sliced coconuts mixed with sugar cane juice and native fruits of the island such as mangoes, pineapples, oranges, bananas and plantains)

Arroz con leche or rice pudding

, cakes with white cream topping

Dulce de leche, a milk cream additionally flavored with coconut or fruit

Dulce de coco
, a thick, sweet coconut paste

Flan, a rich custard dessert

Frio frios, shaved ice with fruit syrups)

Mango cake

Rum cake is a favorite menu item as well as a good take-home souvenir.

For more information on authentic Dominican food and meal preparation, visit: dominicancooking.com

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