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Dominican Miracle Drink,
Aphrodisiac and More

Mamajuana is Dominican health elixir said to promote  overall good health, vitality and  sexuality.

This aphrodisiac is a mix of various herbs, roots, leaves and bark that is blended with rum, gin, wine, honey and lemon to cure everything from impotency to the stomach flu.  

It’s an acquired taste and it’s not easy to find ready-to-drink brew on the island. It takes 30 days after you mix everything together for the concoction to be drinkable.

Only a handful of families still make it.  Buying a wine bottle filled with dry herbs and ready for mixing back home makes a very different souvenir. http://www.mamajuanaparapalo.com

If you have never heard of this drink and someone offers you one, you may find yourself in a strange and embarrassing situation, as I did in Samana, where I learned a great deal about mamajuana.

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