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The Kingston Area
Lots of interesting wrecks around this old pirate haven.

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The waters around Kingston have some of Jamaica's most interesting wrecks and best reefs, yet few divers are aware of them.

One of the most exciting aspects about Jamaica today is being able to dive the Kingston area thanks to the Buccaneer's Scuba Club at the Morgan Harbour Hotel at Port Royal.

What is perhaps the Caribbean's most interesting underwater archeological site is located at Port Royal. It's the part of Port Royal that sank in an earthquake in 1691.

Once labeled the " Wicked­est Place in Christendom," Port Royal was a prosperous pirate hangout in the 1600's as well as Jamaica 's main trading center.

It was the kind of place where knife fights were common and a murdered man's corpse would stay on the tavern floor until the music stopped.

After this Caribbean version of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by an earthquake, the survivors moved 12 miles inland to a tiny town they called Kingston. Kingston today is the largest English-speaking city in the both the Caribbean and South America.

Although the sunken city is not yet open to divers--though it may be in just a few years more--there are still plenty of coral-encrusted cannons and anchors to see on nearby reefs.

Modern wrecks (from the 1900s) are still intact and have become good fish attractors in water less than 70 feet deep.

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