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The diving here is still being explored.

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Beyond Ocho Rios is Port Antonio, 133 miles east of Montego Bay . The birthplace of Jamaica 's tourism, Port Antonio is usually ignored by divers in favor of the previously mentioned resort areas.

Ironically, just a few decades ago, it beguiled such cruise ship passengers as Rudyard Kipling, William Randolph Hearst, Clara Bow and J.P. Morgan. Actor Errol Flynn loved Port Antonio so much he moved there; For years his widow ran a boutique at one of the hotels.

As for diving, much of the water around Port Antonio still is pretty much unknown territory. Only a few dive operators serve the region.

Yet there is very beautiful countryside and the rafting on the Rio Grande is said to be some of the country's best.

With Port Antonio only 133 miles east of Montego Bay and Negril only 52 miles to the east, it sounds plausible to dash from one end of the island to the next to try different sites in a single day.

The seemingly short distances are deceptive. The winding narrow roads make for slow traffic. It is, for instance, about 3 hours from Negril to Ocho Rios. Almost another 3 from Ocho Rios to Port Antonio. You can wear yourself out driving from one end of the country to the other.

That's why most visitors stay in one area or split their time between 2 places for a 1-week vacation. Anyone staying 2 weeks should find it no problem to dive all the major locations.

The Kingston Area. . .With some of the best wrecks and reefs that no one knows about.

Diving Montego Bay...This is the main arrival center for tourists.

Diving Negril. . .Home to the island's longest beach with some of the largest sponges.

Diving Ocho Rios. . .The best is down deep, but don't overlook nearby Falmouth and Runaway Bay.

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