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The corals here have suffered badly from pollution. But if you know where to look. . .

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Negril is located on Jamaica 's leeside, so that when the waves are crashing ashore at Ocho Rios and MoBay, it's flat calm here.

However, Negril lacks the dramatic walls and deep drop offs of either MoBay or Ocho Rios. Instead, many of the reefs are characterized by natural coral arches, caves and crevices, which are often filled with thick and colorful sponges.

Regrettably, these thick sponges are limited to the underside or inside of caves and ledges because much of the reef has become algae-choked thanks to pollution runoff.

Negril is also more lacking in the choice of topside land activities. Its main attractions are its seven-mile length of white sand beach and the fact that life here is more slow-paced.   

Negril's best dive is probably the Throne Room, a huge cavern at 60 feet royally decorated with big colorful sponges. Care must be taken not to stir up the bottom in the narrow confines of the room. In addition, small airplanes have also been sunk off Negril as diver attractors.

Since Negril fronts the western-most tip of Jamaica, you'd expect it to enjoy many spectacular sunsets and it does. Rick's Cafe is the favorite place for the nightly sunset watch.

Rick's is a tamer Caribbean version of Key West 's famous sunset celebration. Still, the reggae is loud and the local Red Stripe beer is always cold. What more is there?

The Kingston Area. . .With some of the best wrecks and reefs that no one knows about.

Diving Montego Bay...This is the main arrival center for tourists.

Diving Ocho Rios. . .The best is down deep, but don't overlook nearby Falmouth and Runaway Bay.

Diving Port Antonio. . .Off the normal tourist path, which means uncrowded diving.

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