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Documents Accepted in Place
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Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Compliant Travel Documents for U.S. citizen include:

Trusted Traveler Cards:

NEXUS (CBP). Provides expedited travel via land, air or sea to approved members between the U.S. and Canada border.

SENTRI  (CBP). Provides expedited travel to approved members between the U.S. and Mexico border

FAST (CBP). Provides expedited travel to approved commercial truck drivers between the U.S. and Canada and U.S. and Mexico borders

Global Entry (CBP). Expedited screening and processing for pre-screened International travelers entering the United States.

State Issued Enhanced Driver's License (when available)

U.S. Military Identification with Military Travel Orders

U.S. Merchant Mariner Document
when traveling in conjunction with official maritime business

Native American Tribal Photo Identification Card
: The Indian and North Affairs Canada Card and Tribal Enrollment Cards with a photo affixed to the card will be accepted during the transition phase. Members of the Kickapoo Band of Texas and Tribe of Oklahoma would be permitted to present the Form I-872 American Indian Card in lieu of a passport, as they do currently.

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