Diving in Jamaica
Diving is one of the most popular activities, offered all over the island

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Diving Jamaica

Diving is so popular that normally it's a free option at many all-inclusives. However, there are plenty of independent dive shops if you are staying elsewhere.

Diving Montego Bay . . . Jamaica's first marine park was established here.

The Kingston Area . . .With some of the best wrecks and reefs that no one knows about.

Diving Negril
. . .Home to the island's longest beach with some of the largest sponges.

Diving Ocho Rios
. . .The best is down deep, but don't overlook nearby Falmouth and Runaway Bay.

Diving Port Antonio
. . .Off the normal tourist path, which means uncrowded diving.

Jamaica Water Temperatures . . . In Mongtego Bay for each month of the year

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