Altos de Chavon
Cultural Center
Or is Altos de Chavon really a well disguised theme park?

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Altos De Chavon
Top Dominican Attraction

Quite simply, the village of Altos de Chavon on the Dominican Republics southeast coast is a tourist trap but in the very best sense of the term.  

Altos de Chavon is a photogenic replica of a 16th century Tuscan hillside village situated on a high plateau overlooking the Chavon River. It's one of the Caribbean’s most striking panoramic vistas.

If you come to Altos de Chavon expecting to find a sophisticated artists’ colony or mini-cultural center, you'll probably be disappointed. While those facets are present, they take a back seat to what essentially is a fantasy attraction luring cruise ship passengers and resort vacationers from all over the La Romana-Bayahibe-Bavaro-Punta Cana region.

altos de chavon dominican republic
Altos de Chavon overlooing the Chavon River

Since its wconstruction in 1976, Altos de Chavon has become popular and famous because it deserves to be. The setting is spectacular, the admission price is right (free), the architecture unusual and the stores, museum and art galleries almost all interesting.  And the concert performances have been world class.

Most visitors feel comfortable strolling around: No bothersome vendors and the streets here are probably the country’s cleanest.

Altos is truly a feel-good place. Take Altos de Chavon for what it is and you can’t help but enjoy it.

Outside and to the left of Altos de Chavon is an unnaturally green ribbon on grass covering the plateau top. That is Dye Fore, another championship golf course developed by Casa de Campo, the 7,000-acre mega-resort that features three other courses, an internationally-famous tennis center, state-of-the-art skeet shooting facilities and just about every other activity you can think of.

If you’ve ever touched a dolphin, been thrilled by a theme park ride or (gulp) sung karaoke more than once, you’ll appreciate Altos. Not everything in life is meant to make perfect sense.

Notable stops in Altos de Chavon include:

Village of Altos de Chavon

St. Stanislaus Church

The Amphitheater

Regional Museum of Archaeology

Art Galleries, Shopping & Dining

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